Is this normal?: Indy Dog Whisperer answers questions from a first-time dog owner 

When it comes to being a first-time dog owner there are a lot of things that your pet does that may be strange to you, but perfectly normal to them or anyone familiar with pet behavior.

Today, Tierra Carpenter, owner of Prince the Pomeranian, got to ask Nathan Lowe, The Indy Dog Whisperer, a few questions about the things her dog does and found out if they were truly “normal” or not.

Prince’s “strange” habits: 

  • Often doesn’t eat out of his dog bowl continuously, he’ll take the food back to his bed or to the carpet, drop it and eat it there.
  • Randomly howling and screaming like he’s being murdered
  • Goes insane during nail clippings and baths

Watch the video above to see what The Indy Dog Whisperer had to say about Prince’s interesting habits.

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