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It’s Kitten Season: What that means and what you can do

An important reminder if you have a kitten– do your part to get them spayed or neutered! Megan Bennett and Adria Johnson of FACE Clinic say late winter is when you often see the biggest number of cats getting pregnant, which leads to what’s known as kitten season in early spring. Megan and Adria offer a few more reminders for this time of the year:

-Fixing your cats even if they are indoor cats is important because thousands of cats “escape” their homes every year

-If you have kittens and want to find them homes, it’s important to be responsible and get them fixed before they go to a new home. It’s only $20 at face to have them fixed.

-Outdoor community cats need to be fixed as well. If you know of outdoor cats, contact FACE for help.

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