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Jack’s Donuts fans of the week

Lots of sweetness “poured on top” for this week’s Jack’s Donuts fans! CEO Lee Marcum runs through the list:

Evan is currently recovering from his accident from the Memorial Day parade in New Castle. With the permission of his family, we wanted to let everyone know that Evan’s spirits were through the roof when he got a taste of his hometown donut shop, Jack’s Donuts! Everyone at Jack’s Donuts is thinking of you, Evan. Feel better!

Kaiden started his 5th birthday out in style with his favorite, Jack’s Donuts! Evan’s family visited Jack’s Donuts of Southport Rd. to start off his special day. Happy Birthday, Kaiden!

Michelle said it best, “my new addiction!” Michelle recently visited Jack’s Donuts of Carmel and “Facebooked” this pic of her enjoying some sweet treats! We only hope that Michelle shared some of those delicious donuts with her friends!

Update- Jack’s Donuts of Lawrence is now open. Visit them at:

Jack’s Donuts of Lawrence

9105 East 56th St.

Lawrence, IN. 46216

To learn more, visit