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Jewelry showcase in Zionsville this weekend

For me, all jewelry tells a story. It’s a bookmark for a special moment that we carry with us as a reminder of a particular time or event.”

Ask Judi Powers, and she’ll tell you that jewelry tells the stories of our lives in the simplest, chicest, and most intimate ways. Judi, along with Bob Goodman, Owner, Robert Goodman Jewelers, tell us about the Judi Powers Trunk Show coming to Zionsville tomorrow! Take a listen!Judi Powers Trunk Show

Robert Goodman Jewelers in Zionsville

October 21, 2017About Judi Powers:

After a 22-year career as a marketing executive, I walked away and embarked on a new career as a jeweler. After graduating from F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology) in 2013, where I studied with designers from Harry Winston, Cartier, and Tiffany & Co., I launched my collection of sustainably made jewelry.

When people ask me what I do for a living I break into a huge, insuppressible smile and reply: “I’m. A. Jewelry.Maker!” It’s a career that took root 15 years ago when I began taking jewelry-making classes. The moment I completed my first ring I knew that this was the dream career for me so I took as many courses as possible and I developed my skills and style along the way. In August 2012 I made a huge step toward making my career fantasy a reality: I quit my 22-year career in book publishing to become a full-time student at Fashion Institute of Technology where I earned my AAS degree in Jewelry Design in May 2013. It was the scariest and most gratifying decision I ever made!

I’ve loved jewelry since childhood and I still have the first piece I ever received–it is a monogrammed silver locket that was a gift from my grandmother for my fifth birthday. It represents the story of my unique relationship with her and the too-brief time we shared together.

We remember buying our first pair of “To: Me-Love: Me” earrings to celebrate a personal achievement, giving a necklace to our bestie to help her through a tough time, surprising our guy with a pair of cufflinks for his promotion.

When I’m designing jewelry I often look to nature. Beaches, wooded trails, and vibrant gardens are the places I visit when I’m first sketching ideas. I’m obsessed with ferns and flowers, animals and insects, shells and stones, and even microscopic marine protozoa and you’ll find elements of many of these amazing things in my jewelry.

My love of nature is the primary reason why more than 85% of the metal used in my designs is recycled and the gemstones I use are ethically sourced: I want the jewelry I create to be beautiful without harming our environment or those individuals from whom I source.

Every piece of jewelry is hand crafted by me in historic Hudson, NY. When I’m not working in the studio, you’ll find me exhibiting at fine craft fairs, going for walks in nature, visiting museums, sharing a meal with friends, or reading with my sweet dog curled up on my lap.

To learn more, visit:robertgoodmanjewelers.comjudi powers JudiPowersPinterest Judi Powers