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Learning about pine and evergreens with Gillespie Florists

Flowers by Gillespie Florists: Seasonal Pine

The historical significance of pine and evergreen in holiday decorations lies in their symbolism of resilience and enduring vitality, as they can endure severe freezing conditions.

The idea of evergreens symbolizing rebirth and renewal has deep historical roots across various cultures and beliefs, including Christianity, Paganism, Japanese traditions, Native American customs, Chinese culture, Hebrew beliefs, and ancient Egyptian rituals.

This symbolism holds particular importance during the holiday season and the transition to the New Year.

Gillespie Florists joined us with pine fresh from their shop!

In other news, you can get ready to hula and spread the aloha spirit as Gillespie Florists gears up for an exciting Luau extravaganza in January!

This vibrant celebration is not just about marking their impressive 65th anniversary; it’s a heartfelt tribute to the incredible employees, both current and former, who have been an integral part of their journey for five generations.

While the grand 65th-anniversary festivities are planned for 2024, they couldn’t resist the temptation to kick-start the merriment with a tropical Luau bash in January.

Who could say no to such a fun way to reunite and reminisce?

They invite everyone, past and present, to join them on this special occasion.

Stay tuned on their social channels for exclusive events and opportunities throughout 2024 as they celebrate six and a half decades of floral excellence with you!