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Condado Tacos introduces new crave bowls and mocktails

Condado Tacos introduces new crave bowls

Condado Tacos, known for its tacos, margaritas, and tequilas in a vibrant, artistic, and lively setting, is showcasing its latest assortment of mocktails throughout Dry January and during the season of New Year’s resolutions when alcohol consumption tends to be lower.

The Dry January movement originated in 2012 as a public health initiative by Alcohol Change UK, a British charity, and has since gained widespread participation.

According to a 2023 consumer sentiment survey by Sober Curious Nation, with over 1,000 American participants, 34% aimed to reduce their alcohol intake last year, and this trend persists into 2024.

The survey indicates a growing interest in non-alcoholic beverages, with Gen Z possibly taking the lead.

Condado Tacos introduced its new mocktail line early last year, featuring the refreshing Nojito at $6 (40 calories), crafted with cucumber, mint, lime, agave, and soda water.

The Cactus Juice at $7 (80 calories) boasts a blend of prickly pear, pineapple, ginger beer, and lemon.

The Shooter McGavin at $5 (87 calories) offers a mix of black tea, house lemonade, and ginger beer.

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Celebrate Dry January with mocktails