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Local company offers special pretzel box subscription service

Give a gift box… with a twist!

That’s the idea behind My Pretty Little Pretzel, a custom artisan chocolate company specializing in corporate gift boxes. Corporate clients use the products to help them stand out and as a thank you to their VIP clients and employees.

Owner Kate Wilson explains!

  • Where: Located in Carmel, IN  > We ship nationwide
  • What: we are extremely excited about our newly released Monthly subscription box called My Pretty Little Package
  • Based on the geographic reach of our holiday sales and shipments for the 2017 season, which was a substantial growth from 2016, it was necessary to create a seamless and efficient fulfillment process for shipping nationwide. With this process in place the next natural next step in our company’s growth is our newly announced  Monthly subscription box. – My Pretty Little Package.
  • Benefit:  a client in San Francisco can be eating Chocolate we made on a Thursday as early as the following Monday/Tuesday with our monthly box subscription.  When is the last time you had chocolate that fresh?

  • How did the monthly box program get started – From our Corporate sales we had clients contacting us and asking how they could buy our product.  This got us thinking – we love making custom product so why not create a program that allows these customers to buy product from our regular offering and at the same time help us find the next great flavor by becoming product testers.
  • There is a QR code where monthly subscription members will see what they will get in their My Pretty Little Package for the month and in the not to distant future it will allow them to vote on the new custom flavors.  We guarantee that some of the product and package contents will not available to the public – so basically Custom ganache flavors that are exclusive to the box of the month club.
  • Going forward:  we are still solidifying some strategic partnerships that will allow us to add other local companies as part of the product offering -for example a coffee roaster, other confections company’s and we don’t want to forget our four leg friends – so My Pretty Little Package will include the incredible dog treats from our sister company Big Love Treats – these are 100% all natural help my doggie have fresh breath treats that dogs love.
  • My Pretty Little Package will be themed with monthly holiday and flavor profiles.  As an example July is Blueberry Month so we will have some special Blueberry flavored products and theme.

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Twitter @custom Pretzel

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