Luxury Gadgets with Gadget Gram

Luxury Gadgets with Gadget Gram

Get fancy. Feel luxurious. Gadget Gram’s David Novak shows us today’s gadgets for the person who has a little extra “green” in their pocket!

Nasoni Fountain Faucet
Nasoni is a new brand that has leveraged decades of meticulous engineering and craftsmanship to create the world’s most user-friendly, bathroom routine efficient faucet on the market. The Patented Dynamic Fountain Flow Technology on The Nasoni Fountain Faucet redirects the path of water from the downspout to the fountain hole at the top of the downspout, thereby creating the perfect water fountain. Washing your face, brushing your teeth, shaving…Nasoni is changing the game of faucet functionality as we know it. Households can go through several dozen wasteful, paper cups in a week! They’re unsanitary, and terrible for our landfills. Nasoni faucets transform into a personal water fountain, negating the need for bathroom cups, with just a flip of a switch.

Clover Iris Bag
Made of Italian Leather, the Clover Iris bag keeps everything in order. It has a modular design, which means an inner part can be easily transferred to another bag. The removable inner part lets you transfer items from one bag to another in a couple of seconds – just move the inner compartment with all the contents from one bag to the other. Inner removable parts include wallet for coins, wireless light, key holder, bottle holder, headphone holder, branded steel pen and table bag holder. And speaking of light, the Iris has a built in internal wireless light, which works from the motion sensor. To turn it on, simply put your hand in your bag, helping you find things in the dark.

PowerShades is a leading provider of customized, manual and automated window coverings for residential, commercial and hospitality applications that are easy to install, integrate, operate and maintain. Their automated shades are offered in a wide range of operating methods, including AC and DC powered, RF, battery and solar powered, and the new Power over Ethernet. These attractive, customized shades can be easily programmed to lower or raise at specific times of the day, saving energy while creating just the right ambience. Prices vary based on fabric style, operating method, and size.

MantelMount MM860
The Automated MantelMount MM860 Robotic Mount is ideal for high-on-wall television installations, such as over a fireplace. It runs on dual actuators providing a simultaneous lowering and swivel action – right into the perfect preset position. The mount integrates seamlessly with all major home automation control systems, or you can use the included remote. The mount even has a heat sensor that will retract the television from a lowered position and return the TV into position high on the wall if the temperature becomes too hot. VIDEO:

10Minds Motion Pillow
10Minds Motion Pillow is designed for the billions of people in the world who suffer from snoring. This smart pillow has advanced technology that detects your snores with an efficacy rate of over 90%. Plus, it doesn’t require you to wear anything on your face or nose! This product takes the form of a soft and comfortable memory foam pillow that is completely electricity and radiation-free. Inflatable airbags within the pillow will silently inflate and turn the user’s head when snoring is detected. Its user-friendly smart app also lets you record and measure your snoring patterns. Motion Pillow can monitor your snoring sounds and also senses where your head is positioned on the pillow. The uniqueness lies in their patented SPMS(Sleep Pressure Monitoring System) that helps you break your snoring habit.

Talsam Charm
Talsam is a new line of luxury smart jewelry designed for people to stay connected. Talsam allows users to communicate wirelessly through Bluetooth-enabled semi-precious stone charms. Loved ones can send text messages, videos, voice notes, photos, and animated emojis via Talsam’s exclusive app, and the charm lights up and gently vibrates when a message is received. Users get their own dedicated, private message feed within the app, to be shared only with loved ones. This is where participants can send text messages, videos, voice notes, photos and stylized quotes. When someone wearing the charm receives a message, it lights up and vibrates to let them know. In terms of privacy, users have the ability to mark a message as secret and require the recipient to authenticate their identity before unlocking it.

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