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Master Gardener Carrie Petty shares pre-spring gardening tips

It’s happening! Spring is near, and it’s time to get busy in the garden! Carrie Petty, master gardener, joined us today with a few tips to help you start your garden off on the right foot this spring.

Get out there and take some stock of what’s happened over winter. We had a lot of freezing rain, so I am sure there are limbs to pick up and dead branches to prune away.

This is a great time to include the kids too particularly when it comes to starting seeds or forcing bulbs and branches to bloom indoors. Gardening is an excellent STEM education enhancer with its hands-on chores.

Every year I learn something new. For example, don’t clear away that ground debris just yet. This Is where the pollinators are over-winter and we want that to remain undisturbed until warmer days ahead. In addition, getting my tools, pot and gardening bench ready for the work ahead is a great place to start.

Mother Nature really knows what she is doing. You will begin to see bulbs emerging and green spouts now in late winter. She knows just when to arrive.

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