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Master gardener explains how to start your indoor garden


Spring in Indiana is an excellent time to start your garden at home! Carrie Petty, master gardener has some tips on how you can begin working on yours.

  1. Start with your cold crops, i.e., spinach, kale, radishes and snap peas. These are crops that like the cold.

2. Sterilize your pots before planting your seeds in there. Also make sure you use a sterilized medium of soil.

3. Pack your pot with soil up to about an half inch from the top.

4. You can even make a ‘mini farmland” out of plastic plan tops.

5. Read your seed packets to learn how to work with each particular seed type because they all require different care.

6. Once you get your seeds planted make sure you water them well and keep them in the sun. Vegetables and fruit take eight hours of sunlight.

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