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MasterChef winner Kelsey Murphy opens new restaurant in Fishers

Kelsey Murphy, the renowned chef, and owner of Inspo by Chef Kelsey Murphy, had emerged victorious as the winner of Season 11 of MasterChef.

This accomplishment propelled her culinary career to new heights. On Monday, March 28, 2022, Murphy unveiled her latest venture, Inspo, within the premises of the Fishers Test Kitchen.

The concept behind Inspo revolved around the diverse array of food and flavors that had influenced Murphy on her remarkable culinary journey. The menu boasted an assortment of delectable dishes, ranging from small plates like lobster rolls, Asian sticky wings, avocado toast, and ceviche, to more extensive offerings such as an ancient grain bowl, jambalaya, meatball Bolognese, and lobster mac and cheese.

Chef Kelsey Murphy couldn’t contain her excitement as she anticipated the opening of Inspo at Fishers Test Kitchen.

She expressed her gratitude towards the community that had supported her throughout her journey, aiming to bring smiles to their faces with her culinary creations.

The establishment of Inspo was her way of extending a heartfelt “thank you” to all her supporters and contributing to the thriving food scene in Fishers.

During the first segment, Sriracha Mac and Cheese and Loaded Tater Tots with Bacon Jam took the spotlight. These mouthwatering dishes showcased Murphy’s expertise combining bold flavors with comfort food classics. In the second segment, the attention shifted to Asian Sticky Wings and Inspo Smoked Wings, enticing the viewers with a fusion of Asian-inspired seasonings and expertly executed smoking techniques.

For more information about Kelsey Murphy and her culinary creations, you can visit or follow her on Instagram at @chefkelseymurphy.