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Mattel launches ‘Barbie Fashionistas Doll with Down Syndrome’

During the show, Macy Pohl, Executive Director of Down Syndrome Indiana, and Jenny Lynn Bravo, mother of Macie, joined the camera to discuss the groundbreaking Down Syndrome Barbie Doll.

Made in collaboration with the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS), the doll was designed to accurately represent the primary characteristics associated with Down syndrome.

The doll featured a new face and body sculpt, reflecting a shorter frame, longer torso, rounder face shape, smaller ears, and a flat nasal bridge. The almond-shaped, slightly slanted eyes and the single line on the doll’s palms further represented Down syndrome features.

The doll’s fashion and accessories were meticulously designed, with a puff-sleeved dress pattern featuring butterflies and yellow and blue colors symbolizing Down syndrome awareness. The pink pendant necklace with three upward chevrons represented the three copies of the 21st chromosome, while the pink ankle foot orthotics (AFOs) and matching sneakers acknowledged the support some individuals with Down Syndrome require for their feet and ankles.

The doll’s representation had a significant impact on the community, emphasizing the importance of inclusion and representation for individuals with Down Syndrome.

Down Syndrome Indiana’s website,, aimed to raise awareness and advocate for the rights of individuals with Down syndrome.