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Merle Norman Cosmetics has the facts on why hydration helps fight the effects of aging.

Merle Norman Cosmetics helps us hydration and how critical it is to all skin types normal to oily, normal to dry, young or mature. We also wanted to give tips on how to survive the winter by hydrating neck, face, lips, and hands. Hydration is always the first and foremost step in fighting the effects of aging and delivering younger looking skin.

While we are sleeping our skin repairs itself and our cells rejuvenate. You wake up ahead of the game when you use a night cream.

Along with hydration we need to exfoliate.  You need to hydrate and take care of your lips.

Don’t forget about the body and hands.

Neck cream firms and tones.

Our moto is, come into Merle New for a New Year, a New You.  For more information visit their website