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Monday Mailbag: Johnson’s Popcorn, PediPocket, Pottery Awesomeness and Savor Patisserie’s Macarons

In today’s Monday Mailbag, we check out an assortment of goodies, starting with a yummy Halloween treat! Here are today’s products:

Johnson’s Popcorn has been making the most mouth-watering popcorn creating delicious recipes through the same process since 1940, that’s 80+ years serving customers from the beautiful Ocean City, New Jersey Boardwalk! Select your favorite for this Halloween to treat your whole family to from tubs and tins of delicious sweet and savory popcorn. All products are gluten-free and you can choose from Caramel Corn, Salt-n-Sandy, Cheddar, Peanut Crunch, Chocolate Drizzle, Platinum, Butter and Tri-Flavor. Check out Halloween gift ideas here:

All of Johnson’s Caramel Popcorn is Hand Mixed in large copper kettles. This mixing process always draws a crowd of fascinated eyes and hungry snackers during the summer season. Every kernel is popped and mixed at one of our Ocean City, NJ Boardwalk locations, 7 days a week, 12 months a year.


The Blanket to CURE COLD FEET—because you
shouldn’t have to struggle to snuggle!

Put your laptop and phone aside, cuddle up on the couch and catch up on that
book you’ve been meaning to read… or simply fall asleep while wrapped in
comfort with a PediPocket blanket. PediPocket’s original collection features
6 feet of lush microfiber fleece and a clever foot pocket to keep your toes
toasty. Now you don’t have to fight over the blanket with your
kids! PediPocket Kidz’ super soft fleece provides warmth they will
cling to, whether they’re climbing into bed, on the couch or creating cool
tents. *Also available on

And now we want to share PediPocket with you.
Our patented plush fleece blanket with the perfect foot pocket will embrace you
after a long day, keep you comfortable at your tailgate, and enhance any decor.
With  21 different color choices and 3 sizes, there’s a PediPocket for
every member of the family. And no matter your need, PediPocket always has you

🍂Fall Sale🍁 25% Off $50 or More Plus Free Shipping On All Orders Over $50

Pottery Awesomeness super cute new kits are the perfect project for kids and families to enjoy together. With themed-subscription boxes, like their fall and Halloween kits, kids will be excited to receive these boxes that come with everything they need to create their masterpiece! Each box includes three cute figurines, acrylic paint, paint brushes, a glossy sealer and an instruction card with QR codes that will direct painters to painting tutorials and instructions. These are fun, screen-free activities created by a mom who owns a “paint your own pottery” studio in the Northeast. Also, for every kit purchased, Pottery Awesomeness donates a painting kit to sick children in hospitals. They work directly with the lead art therapist at each hospital to determine what supplies are needed. Subscription boxes cost $30, or may be purchased individually for $32, skip or cancel at any time at

How We Give

When someone buys a pottery painting kit on our site, a portion of the proceeds are spent on a “kit” of art therapy supplies for sick children in hospitals. Pottery Awesomeness gives based on the individual needs of each hospital’s art therapy department. We work directly with the lead art therapist at each hospital in our program to determine what supplies are needed. These “kits” of supplies are bought by Pottery Awesomeness and shipped directly to the hospital. No middle man. This means that for every purchase you make with us, you are putting a paint brush or a marker or an art journal directly into the hands of a child who needs the power of art the most.

Savor Patisserie’s macarons:

Our macarons are little handmade works of art, baked with only the highest quality almond flour, sugar, and cage-free eggs sourced in the USA and are always GLUTEN-FREE. 

You’ll think Savor Patisserie’s macarons are too beautiful to eat—until you’ve experienced their melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness! Made by hand, these yummy Instagram-worthy treats taste like they’re straight from Paris but are made in the heart of Texas by a woman-owned bakery. Just in time for Halloween is the Halloween Collection, with flavors like Rice Krispie Treat, Caramel Apple, Cookie Butter, Sour Patch Kids and Chocolate Orange! Two-piece Halloween favor boxes will also be available, made up of a delicious white vanilla macaron, decorated with a Jack O’Lantern, and a salted caramel macaron in orange that reads, “Happy Halloween.” Each favor box is decorated with a black ribbon, making it the perfect gift for teachers, a fun Halloween surprise from parents to kiddos, or just to treat yourself! No matter which you choose, know that they’re all made from a perfect mix of almond flour, egg white and sugar surrounding a filling of ganache, buttercream or jam — but less than 100 calories each and gluten free!