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Motivation Monday: Taking the fear out of public speaking

Afraid Of Public Speaking? On today’s “Motivation Monday” personal development expert, Tim Shurr, offers 3 tips for speaking confidently in front of committees, church groups, or in the board room!

People are so afraid of getting up there and that they are going to freeze or they’re not going to know what to say…they are so afraid of a judgement.”

1. Breathe and slow down. When you feel the fight or flight response kick in, begin breathing slowly through your nose down to your belly. Take twice as long to exhale. This will slow your heart rate down and help you feel better. Anxiety speeds you up! It’s impossible to feel anxious when you’re relaxed. Slower breathing counteracts the stress response, which helps you manage your thoughts more effectively.

2. Make it about the audience, not your performance. Focus on the message and who it will benefit, rather than making it about you. You might obsess over how others are judging you, yet they really aren’t thinking about YOU. It’s more likely they are consumed with themselves. When you stop judging yourself, it will feel as though others have as well.

3. Imagine it going well. Use your imagination to prepare, rather than scare, yourself. Picture things going well, others appreciating you, and those smiling faces in the audience rooting you on. Think of your mind like a GPS. The way you program it determines where you end up!

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Tim Shurr, MA, is an expert in human motivation and communication. As a nationally recognized authority on peak performance, Tim helps individuals and organizations excel and prosper through developing higher emotional intelligence.

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