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Motivation Monday: Why Am I So Stressed?

Does it seem like everyone is stressed out these days? When you add heartbreaking terrorist attacks, heated political debates, and collapsing world economies to the pile of challenges we normally endure, why wouldn’t people feel anxious?

To make matters worse, the coping mechanisms most use to feel better, (prescription medicine, food, smoking, alcohol, shopping), often leads to further frustration! So what CAN you do to feel more safe and secure in such volatile times?

On this week’s addition of “Motivation Monday,” your success coach, Tim Shurr, MA, shares how the lack of certainty in today’s world is creating such high anxiety and what you can do to feel more peaceful today. “Stress management is really mind management. What you say to yourself throughout the day determines how you feel, and your environment influences what you say to yourself. Thus, to increase feelings of safety and calm, you must re-focus your mind on things that help you feel relaxed and resourceful while designing an environment that reinforces positive thinking.”

Tim reveals 3 tips from his book, “Get Out of Your Way: How To Eliminate Self-Sabotage and Win Your Life!,” for how to create feelings of calm and security using the power of your mind!

Tip 1: Slow down. (Over-stimulation generates anxiety.)

Tip 2: Start a Gratitude Journal. (Re-focus your mind.)

Tip 3: Create a soothing environment with pictures, candles, music, affirmations, inspiring videos, audiobooks, etc.

Tim Shurr, MA, is President of Shurr! Success, Inc., a personal and professional development company based in Indianapolis and Director of Indy Hypnosis Center. He is an award-winning speaker, business strategist, TV personality, and an internationally known expert in Peak Performance. For more tips, visit or