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National Puppy Day: ‘…And so God created pets’ art exhibit

Coats Wright Art & Design is pleased to announce Susie Keller, world traveler, collector of fine art, decorative art and objects d’art and entrepreneur as guest curator for upcoming projects at the Indianapolis gallery.  

Susie’s first show will feature pets, especially dogs, in all mediums from the 19th century to present day. National Puppy Day is Thursday, March 23, a perfect date for the opening reception of the show. For more than 30 years, Jane Coats Eckert and Dianne Wright have worked together to promote beautiful living.  

Coats Wright Art & Design is a gallery and design studio dedicated to the concept “Start with Art”. Jane & Dianne bring a carefully selected variety of Contemporary Impressionism and Modern art to the public, while offering design services to create a comfortable environment for their clients.

Join Jane, Dianne and Susie for a fun-filled event and learn more about this sub-genre of art which is very difficult to find. Victorian oils of sporting dogs, present-day portraits of pets, watercolors, etchings, lithographs and sculpture will greet you there. Pets were certainly a part of the Creator’s “grand plan”.

When the world was conceived and then created, God knew how much humans would suffer physically, mentally and emotionally. They would need the non-complex companionship, the entertainment, the friendship, the unconditional love and comfort of animals in their everyday lives.