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NEATsheets provide unique, better alternative to typical bibs for clothes protection

Do you ever spill food or drinks on your shirt and stain it?

For every problem there’s a solution, and this one known as NEATsheets, a wearable napkin.

Heidi Worcester partner/co-founder of the company NEATGOODS, joined us Monday with to share more about this interesting invention and what inspired here to create neat sheets. Here’s more from her:

This isn’t your grandparents’ traditional bib. 
NEATsheets are uniquely designed, wearable napkins that offer benefits that traditional clothes-protecting products never have. More dignified than a bib, more effective than a typical napkin, NEATsheets come with two easy-to-use, peel-and-stick adhesive tabs making them a much better solution to cloth bibs, clothing protectors and napkins. No ties or clasps are required. It’s as easy as … open, adhere, dispose. The front absorbs spills while the back repels liquids, providing protection for clothes and easy clean-up. 
The product measures 13” wide x 22″, providing full protection for the torso or lap whenever spills or messes may occur: at family dinners and barbecues, working from home, watching TV, dining out, arts & crafts projects, parties, picnics. Commuters and road trippers can be protected from that coffee splash or food drips. During airplane or train travel, it can be used as a napkin, tray table cover and even a headrest cover. In boats, it is a napkin that won’t blow away. 
NEATGOODS, the company behind NEATsheets, is WBENC-certified as a woman-owned, family-run enterprise, a proud partner of 1% for the Planet and is Leaping Bunny cruelty free certified. 
For businesses like restaurants, NEATsheets keep patrons…well, neat. Ideal for delivery or takeout, caterers, food truck meals, food festivals or care facilities where napkins, cloth protectors and adult bibs are needed. They are also great for messy activities, as a placemat on-the-go, when applying make-up and more. 
A large and growing market for the product is seniors. It appeals to the caregiver for the elderly, the disabled, and people with Parkinson’s, MS, Alzheimer’s and more. The product promotes independence because of its easy-to-use adhesive tabs. 
“The concept came about when our parents drove cross country, eating a lot of tuna fish sandwiches, and arrived with an idea for a car napkin,” says NEATsheets Co-founder Heidi Worcester. “As a working mother of three the idea resonated. How many times had I arrived at a meeting with a coffee splotch or yogurt drip? Too many. And so, the product was born.” 
They come in four attractive patterns, packaged in 20, 80, 100 and 400-count options, and range in price from $18 – $145. 
NEATsheets are available at, Amazon and online at Walmart. 

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