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Need your roof checked after a storm? Rojas Roofing has you covered

(WISH Photo)

Welcome to Rojas Roofing, a locally-owned roofing company that has a deep-rooted commitment to creating a positive impact on the community we serve. Today, we are delighted to have Brenna Shepherd, the General Manager of Rojas Roofing, with us on camera. Brenna presented their latest innovation – impact-resistant shingles, and four sample boards, each measuring about 3x2ft, to demonstrate their exceptional durability, especially in light of recent storms.

Their dedication to the community is evident in their August charity initiative, where they pledge to donate 1% of every purchase of a roof, siding, or gutters project to Teachers’ Treasures. This heartfelt gesture reflects their passion for supporting local teachers and making a real difference in education. They believe that investing in teachers means investing in the future of children and the prosperity of the community.

To further amplify the efforts of these dedicated educators, they’ve embraced social media as a platform to showcase exceptional local teachers. Through their Facebook and Instagram pages, they proudly share their inspiring stories and wish lists of items needed for their classrooms. Their goal is not only to provide support directly but also to inspire others to get involved and lend a helping hand in supporting the educational community.

At Rojas Roofing, they understand the impact of collective action, and by celebrating these awesome teachers, they hope to foster a culture of giving back and supporting those who play a vital role in shaping young minds. They invite you to join them on this uplifting journey of making a positive change, one teacher at a time.

Beyond its charitable initiatives, Rojas Roofing is committed to environmental sustainability. They offer eco-friendly roofing options that promote energy efficiency and reduce our ecological footprint. Through these choices, they aim to create a greener, more sustainable community for generations to come.

As a family-owned business, they take immense pride in their team members who are more like family to them. Their dedication and passion for exceptional service are the cornerstones of their success. When you choose Rojas Roofing, you not only receive top-notch roofing solutions but also become part of a community-oriented, caring family.

By elevating these dedicated educators, Rojas Roofing aims to inspire others to get involved and support the educational community. Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to be part of this uplifting journey and join hands in celebrating these awesome teachers!