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New Foods for Back to School Your Kids Will Love

Let’s talk school lunches! What’s in your kiddo’s boxed lunch? Do you need fresh, more healthy ideas? Well, you’re in luck!

She’s in our kitchen and ready to teach you! Michelle Dudash, RD, Author, “Clean Eating for Busy Families,” shares some fun ideas and what she puts in her own kids’ school lunches.

  1. New Grab and Go Foods

Kite Hill yogurt pouches

– Artisan yogurt made with almond milk

– This is a dairy-free option for those with kids who need to avoid dairy. While my toddler eats dairy and loves it, she loves this almond milk yogurt just as well.

– Great option for breakfast, lunch, or snack

– Available at Whole Foods starting in SeptemberRXBAR Kids

– Their original bar that is popular among adults, and especially the Paleo crowd, has now created a kids line.

– Slightly smaller, a more appropriate size for kids

– Flavors kids love like Chocolate Chip, Berry Blast, and Apple Cinnamon

– 7 g protein per bar and made with egg whites, dates, nuts, and no added sugar. Also free of gluten, soy, dairy, and artificial ingredients.

– Available at Target and online at Boxed Salads

                     2. Eat Smart has recently announced that it is taking all of their products to a 100% clean label.

Eat Smart’s three first offerings are their Salad Shakeups™ salad bowls. the trays keep everything fresh and with lids so you can shake all of the ingredients together! Great for middle school and high school kids who prefer salads. While they contain some protein, I recommend adding a side of leftover chicken or container of black beans for added protein to keep their tummies satisfied at school. Retail: $3.99 each                    3. Healthier Snacks for Dipping and MunchingSimple Mills Crackers and Cookies

– Made with almond flour as the major ingredient.

– Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free

– Crunchy and delicious

– Available at Meijer, Target, and Fresh Thyme

Pair them with hummus packs or portion your own hummus or sunflower seed butter.                       4. What nutritionist Michelle packs for her own kids

I have tried all sorts of boxed lunches and these are my go-to’s:

My 8-year-old eats nearly the same thing every day!

– Natural peanut butter and jelly on 100% whole-wheat bread. I used to use Sunbutter in her school that required peanut-free.

– Fresh in-season fruit like strawberries, grapes, or kiwi.

– Crunchy snack like natural Cheddar popcorn or whole-grain Goldfish

– Pack it in an container and keep it cold in a Pack-It bag.

I make three lunches at a time like an assembly line. Cuts down on time spent.

My toddler’s school prepares the lunches, so I like how she gets the variety there.

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