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New Life Challenge asks you to celebrate what Inspires You

For this week’s New Life Challenge you want to celebrate what inspires you

Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. was a person that was admired and inspired so many. He used peace to stand up for what he believed in. Use today to discuss as a family who has inspired them. Have each family member choose someone that inspires them. It may be a family member, community leader, friend, or even a character in a book. Have each person create a story board, color a picture, or even a do short PowerPoint of this person to explain why he or she have been inspirational. If you have small children pick a person as a family and everyone can do a part of the presentation that you could then take to share with extended family, a neighbor, or an elderly person in a nearby nursing home. Use this holiday to share with others the individual(s) that have inspired your family just as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has done.

This week’s New Life Challenge is brought to you by the New Life Worship