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Noah’s Animal Hospitals hops into fun facts and tips for frog lovers

Tom Dock of Noah’s Animal Hospitals is here to share some fun facts and tips for frog enthusiasts.

According to experts, there are approximately 7,300 different species of frogs and toads in the world, living in most areas of the Earth except for colder, higher latitude landmasses and a few scattered isolated islands in the oceans.

April is recognized as National Frog Month, and April 28th is National Frog Day, a time to celebrate these ancient amphibians.

It’s also a time to consider how endangered many frog species are due to habitat loss, pollution, importation of disease, and pesticides. About 900 frog species are listed as endangered, and about 200 have gone extinct in the last 50 years.

In Indiana, there are about 16 different frog and toad species, ranging in size from a tiny species in New Guinea that only measures 0.3 inches in length as an adult to the goliath frog of Central Africa that can get as large as 7.2 lbs and 13 inches in length!

While it’s not technically illegal to capture most frogs from the wild in Indiana, experts recommend purchasing a captive-bred frog if you’re looking for a unique pet. For more information on Indiana’s frogs, you can visit

National Frog Day is a time to celebrate these fascinating and unique creatures while also raising awareness about their endangered status. With the right knowledge and care, keeping a frog as a pet can be a rewarding experience for any animal lover.