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Open Gym shows us the hottest new workout

Ready, set, Goblin Muay Thai! Today on Indy Style, we introduce you to Open Gym Indy, the hottest new workout where excuses disappear!

Owners say time is the #1 excuse for why people do not workout, yet that is because they are only looking at one gym location and that class schedule. The #2 excuse is boredom. With Open Gym Indy, both excuses disappear as you are able to choose from over 400 fitness classes a week all across central Indiana. You are able to tailor your workout experience based on where you will be and what you would like to do. All for one flat monthly fee.

Goblin Muay Thai is one of their partner gyms where you can attend classes. Owners say the workout really stands out from the rest because of the physicality and diverse group of muscles you are working and you don’t even feel it. The fun thing is you are able to let off some major steam too!

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