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Organization offers help and empowerment to divorced women

Divorce is a word that brings discomfort to many people.Yet the divorce rate in our country is at 50 percent, and with three out of four women ultimately widowed, there is an overwhelming number of women who need support.

F.C. Tucker’s Nancee Dowler says she can relate, as she’s experienced it herself.

I’ve gone through a devastating divorce, I’ve been there. When my marriage ended, I was forced to start over personally and professionally. I know first-hand the overwhelming feelings of loss, confusion, and anxiety. I didn’t know who to turn to, who to trust. For this reason, once I was back on my feet, I set out to make a difference for families going through these same challenges.”

So on Sept. 16, the “National Celebration of Women in Transition” event comes to Indy. It’s part of a series of seminars being held across the country. Its focus? To empower. Educate.Wildflower Group is a national network of professionals dedicated to empowering women in these difficult circumstances. Women in transition frequently experience a substantial reduction in their financial position and, prior to making new life decisions, must prepare for the economic challenges they encounter. 

Nancee tells us:

As the Chapter Director for the Wildflower Group Indy, we are focused on educating and empowering families and I’m the only REALTOR® in the state of Indiana with the training and designations of both Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist (CREDS) and Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES). So, professionally, we’ve worked with many clients experiencing these life changing transitions. Most people will say, “they didn’t know the extent of what they didn’t know.” It’s when the dust settles, it’s over, that reality sets in. This is when the cold hard facts hit and if solid informed decisions weren’t made, it is unlikely they can be reversed.

The fact is the best plan is to have a plan BEFORE any action is taken. It takes a team of professionals to be sure the right decisions are made in the correct order. Not just any professionals, but those who will truly advocate for you and make the process about you and your family. Most families believe they need some level of legal guidance, but it is critical that professionals should include a realtor, financial planner, tax specialist and perhaps a counselor or therapist.

For most of us, the family home is the single largest financial asset we own, so the decision of what to do with the home must be carefully thought out and analyzed. This is not the time to take advice from family and friends. Frequently divorcing couples are led to believe there are no options, the marital home must be sold to wipe the slate clean so everyone can move on. But the families’ options should be explored; it’s imperative to find highly trained professionals who will listen and give solid advice. After all, each of us has a unique story and each of us deserves to know and understand the options available. Both divorce and widowhood do not have a one size fits all solution.

Indianapolis-area women experiencing the life-changing transitions of divorce or loss of spouse can hear from local experts at the upcoming “National Celebration of Women in Transition” event on Saturday, September 16th. The free event, hosted by the Indianapolis Chapter of the Wildflower Group, will be held at Coast to Coast Imports, The Collection at 96th Street and Keystone Avenue in Indianapolis from 9-11 AM.

The session will focus on car buying tips, real estate, family law, financial planning and more.

These topics are of critical importance for women & families in this transitional time. Learn from our experts and get some straight answers.

Those interested can register for the FREE event by calling 317.800.3136 or emailing

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