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Patty’s Picks: Get ready for action and romance at the cinema

In this segment, Patty is excited to share her movie recommendations with us.

First up is the highly anticipated “Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3,” featuring Chris Pratt and Bradley Cooper as the voice of Rocket.

Patty gave us a sneak peek of the thrilling storyline, which involves a quest to save Rocket Raccoon after a surprise attack leaves him badly injured.

With lots of action and explosions, this movie is rated PG-13 and runs for two hours and 30 minutes.

For those in the mood for something more romantic, Patty also recommends “Love Again,” a heartwarming film about a young woman who sends romantic texts to her deceased fiancé’s phone number, which has since been reassigned to a journalist played by Sam Heughan.

Celine Dion even makes an appearance in the film, playing herself and contributing some new songs to the soundtrack.

With a runtime of one hour and 44 minutes, “Love Again” is rated PG 13 and receives a rating of 3 ½ out of five stars from Patty.

Whether you’re in the mood for action or romance, head to the cinema for a good time!