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Patty’s Picks: ‘Godzilla X Kong’

Patty’s Picks: Godzilla X Kong

Patty Spitler, the movie critic, shared her thoughts on “Godzilla X Kong” in the latest segment of “Patty’s Picks.” The host expressed surprise at the resurgence of these classic monsters, setting the stage for an intriguing discussion.

Patty highlighted the long history of both King Kong and Godzilla, noting their origins in early cinema. She described the film’s plot briefly, mentioning a new element involving a girl communicating with Kong through sign language.

She then discussed the film’s appeal, acknowledging its action and visual effects while suggesting a lack of depth in the story. Patty predicted the film’s box office success, despite her reservations about its quality.

She humorously concluded that money keeps these monsters alive in the film industry. With Patty’s insights, viewers were prepared to watch the epic clash of “Godzilla X Kong” with a better understanding of its legacy and spectacle.