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Patty’s Picks Reviews Two Movies With Strong New Female Leads

“Life.Style.Live!” Entertainment Expert Patty Spitler starts us off with a techno thriller called “Missing.”

In theaters now, the movie is about a teenage girl’s long-distance search for her long-lost mother. While employing the latest in high technology, she finds out more than about her mom than she bargained for.

The movie is rated PG 13 runs 1 hr and 51 minutes.

Next up, “Woman Talking.” Patty says this movie is “about rage, trust, hope, denial and decisions and it is definitely dark.”

Based on a true story, “Women Talking” takes place around a religious community where the women are forced to bond together to survive unspeakable acts from the men in the community. “No flinching, this is a brutal story.”  

Rated PG 13, Frances McDormand acts in the film and is also the co-producer.  It runs 1 hr and 33 minutes. Patty gives it 4 out of 5 stars.