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Put your golf game in full swing with real-time video and motion measurement

Time to tee off! Today on Indy Style, Jim Morse, Director of Gold Instruction, GOLFTEC – Castleton, celebrates GOLFTEC’s Grand Opening Week, now through Saturday, and explains the Motion Measurement Technology, which allows students to see real-time video and motion measurement simultaneously. Here’s more:

Over 7 Million Lessons Taught with a 96% Success Rate

When this technology is combined with the Coaches’ expert guidance and knowledge that no “one” technique works for everyone, it’s no wonder the 7 million golf lessons and counting have led to a 96% success rate for our students. While GOLFTEC continues to grow and embrace new, constantly-evolving technologies that further enhance our ability to provide the most consistent, precise and efficient methods for golf improvement, our mission of helping people play better golf remains the same.

Teaching Philosophy

At GOLFTEC, we rely on swing fact and not swing opinion. We know the best way to improve at golf is through fact-based instruction using video analysis, motion measurement and tour player data, and learning from highly-trained coaches who are passionate about helping their students play better golf. GOLFTEC Coaches armed with these measurable and straight-forward facts can help any golfer excel.

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