Smart home gift ideas for an upgraded life

You can make your home more tech savy with these devices your family didn’t even know they needed.

Renee Lucas from LCS Heating and Cooling joined us today with a list of gift ideas that can add smart home features to any home.

Ecobee thermostat

An Ecobee Smart Thermostat is a device that uses smart sensors and third-party, digital integrations to control the climate conditions in your home. They are said to increase energy efficiency and give you the ability to control your home’s temperature from virtually anywhere using your smartphone.

Honeywell leak detector

The Water Leak & Freeze Detector keeps you connected and aware to potentially costly water activity in your home. Whether you’re in the kitchen or on vacation you can receive notifications when a pipe freezes or a leak is detected.

Reme Halo

The REME Halo® uses the same process nature uses to purify the air. In our atmosphere, lightning, which holds a negative charge, activates hydrogen peroxide molecules. Once activated, the molecules clean the atmosphere, leaving behind a fresh, natural smell. 

Intermatic surge protector

Simple and effective, our lineup of point-of-use surge strips help protect everyday electronics and appliances from damaging power surge events.

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