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Stonewall Sports: Bringing fun and inclusivity to Indianapolis

Stonewall Sports: Bringing fun and inclusivity to Indianapolis

Stonewall Sports Indianapolis is more than just a sports league; it’s a community.

Founded to create a welcoming space for everyone, this non-profit organization offers a variety of sports and community events that promote inclusivity and fun.

Larry Ervin, the President, and Shaun Hughes, the Director of Communications, shared some exciting details about what Stonewall Sports is all about.

Stonewall Sports was founded in Washington, DC, in 2010, starting with a popular kickball league.

It has since expanded to over 20 cities across the United States. The Indianapolis chapter was established in 2020 and has quickly become a vibrant part of the local community.

Stonewall Sports Indianapolis hosts a range of sports and activities. Some of the sports include:

  • Volleyball: Perfect for team play and making new friends.
  • Pickleball: A fun and fast-growing sport for all skill levels.
  • Dodgeball: A nostalgic and energetic game that everyone can enjoy.
  • Kickball: Bringing back childhood memories with a fun twist.
  • Bocce and Softball: Offering even more ways to get active and involved.

In addition to sports, they have medals, colorful shirts, and other sports equipment that represent the diverse activities they offer.

Upcoming Events

For those who are out of town, there are still plenty of ways to get involved with Stonewall Sports. They are hosting several exciting events:

  • Duckpin Bowling: A fun twist on traditional bowling.
  • Paint and Sip: An event combining creativity and relaxation.
  • Pride Parade: On June 8th, they will be walking in the Pride parade, and people can still sign up to join them through the Stonewall Sports Indianapolis website.
  • Pride Nights: Celebrating pride with local sports teams, including the Indy Eleven on June 22nd and the Indianapolis Indians at Victory Field on July 12th. Tickets for these games can be found on their Instagram bio.

Stonewall Sports Indianapolis provides a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for all.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or someone who hasn’t played sports in years, there’s a place for you here.

They focus on creating a low-cost, high-fun community where everyone can feel comfortable being themselves.

To learn more about Stonewall Sports Indianapolis, book an event, or even become a part of their team, visit their website at Join them in celebrating sports, community, and pride!