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Ted’s Montana Grill puts a unique spin on a burger

We’re turning up the heat in the Indy Style kitchen with a unique spin on a burger from Ted’s Montana Grill in Indianapolis! Culinary Manager Courtney Arseneau teaches us how to make the New Mexico Bison Burger and some tips on bison for easy at-home recipes!

New Mexico Burger: 8 oz. bison Ted’s SeasoningKaiser bun1.5 oz grated pepper jack cheese½ a green chile2 oz guacamole1 tsp spicy tomato jamGold ball-sized parsley

• When the bison is flipped after the third seasoning, place the green chile on the grill, skin-side-down • When the burger is one temperature below desired temperature, place 1 1⁄2 oz. of grated Pepper Jack cheese onthe center of the burger and dome. • When the cheese is fully melted (generally 2 minutes), remove the dome, and lay the Anaheim chili across the protein. Fold the Anaheim chili into a “V-shape” when placing it on the burger. • Using a metal spatula, remove the burger from the grill, and place on the center of the toasted bottom bun. • Place 2 oz. of guacamole in the center of the burger • Spread, “coast to coast,” 1 tsp. of Spicy Tomato Jam on the top bun’s surface• Place a golf ball-sized piece of parsley on the side

• Tips to grill a better burger:

1. Prep: When internal temperature is 375 degrees, the grill is ready for the burger. Lightly oil the grates. Form the ground meat, beef or bison, into a loose patty. It should have rough edges and should never be compacted oroverworked. Do not make it too loose-packed that it will fall apart on the grill. 2. Season: Holding the burger over the grill, use your favorite blend of salt, herbs and spices to season the raw side of the burger. Once on the grill, season the other side of the burger. By seasoning over the grill, the excess seasoning hits the hot grates or charcoal and lets all the neighbors know you are grilling up some great burgers! 3. Cook: Cover the grill. Cook the burger halfway to the desired internal temperature (3-4 minutes), uncover and gently flip the burger and move it to the cooler side. Never press the burger with the spatula, as this will force all the juices out of the burger! 4. Serve: Bison burgers shouldn’t be cooked past medium or medium rare since it is such a lean protein. •

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