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The Film Yap: Jennifer Hudson plays Aretha Franklin in ‘Respect’ biopic, Ryan Reynolds lives as video game character, more

It’s an exciting week at the movies as Jennifer Hudson stars as Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin in a new biopic, and Ryan Reynolds plays a man who realizes he’s living inside a videogame. Christopher Lloyd of The Film Yap fills us in on it all. Here’s more from him:

New in Theaters:

Free Guy — Ryan Reynolds plays a background character in a video game who decides he wants to make his own choices in this derivative but entertaining science fiction extravaganza. Read more

Respect — Jennifer Hudson plays music legend Aretha Franklin in this biopic that was not screened for critics.

CODA — Many critics, including Alec Toombs, are calling this the best film of the year about a teen girl (Amelia Jones) who struggles with being the only hearing member of her family. Read more

Don’t Breathe 2 — Stephen Lang returns as the killer blind man in this sequel to the 2016 horror hit — and this time he’s got a daughter to protect!

New On Digital/Demand:

Curiosa — This unabashedly erotic French film looks at the sizzling love affair between two famed writers who pushed the boundaries of expression and sexuality in the 19th century. Read more

You Might Have Missed:

Cul-de-Sac — Roman Polanski’s creepy — did he make any other sort? — romp on a secluded island pits two polar opposite depictions of manhood between a sexually powerful woman. Read more 

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