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The Film Yap reviews latest movie releases

SOOOO many options to choose from this weekend! Take a look at what’s playing with The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd!• Patriots Day

Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Bacon and John Goodman star in this faithful recreation of the Boston Marathon massacre and the manhunt for the domestic terrorists who carried it out.”

• Silence

Will anyone go see a movie about Portuguese priests tending to underground Christians in 1600s Japan? They will if they want to experience Martin Scorsese’s quietly powerful rumination on people who struggle with their faith in dire circumstances.”

• Live By Night

It’s Full Boat Ben Affleck, as he stars, directs, wrote and produces this Prohibition-era crime drama based on the novel by Dennis Lehane. Great-looking film, wonderful cast, a muddled mess.”

• Elle

Isabelle Huppert is mesmerizing as a successful French woman who is attacked and raped in her apartment, and the disturbing ways she deals with that tragedy. Unexpected and disquieting.”

• Sleepless

Jamie Foxx plays a dirty cop who finds the tables turned on him when his son is kidnapped in this dramatic thriller.”

• Monster Trucks

A smarmy teen builds a truck out of spare parts and befriends a strange tentacled creature that hides inside it to perform amazing stunts. ACTUAL PEOPLE GOT PAID MONEY TO COME UP WITH THIS.”

• The Accountant – Stream It

Ben Affleck plays a brilliant numbers man with autism who does the books for bad guys while romancing Anna Kendrick and whipping out some Jason Bourne moves. Stream It.”

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