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The Film Yap reviews “The Magnificent Seven”

The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd provides reviews for us each week on what’s new in theaters.  Today, he shares his take on “The Magnificent Seven,” “Storks,” and more!

The Magnificent Seven – “Thoroughly enjoyable shoot-em-up Western that is a remake of a remake, so it really has no purpose for existing. But Denzel Washington is compelling as the man in black with a chip on his shoulder, with Chris Pratt as the smirking gambler.”

Storks – “Middling animation for kiddies, with some fast-paced humor thrown in for adults that doesn’t really click. The storks got out of the baby-delivering business to do the Amazon thing, but a surprise leads to unexpected adventure.”

The Hollars – “John Krasinski directs and stars in this going-home dramedy that’s filled with clichés but never hits a false note. Great cast with Margo Martindale, Richard Jenkins, Anna Kendrick and Sharlto Copley.”

Demon – “A wedding reception turns into a nightmare of supernatural threats in this Polish horror/comedy. Lots of drinking, not as many scares (or laughs) as you’d think.”

Beauty and the Beast: 25th Anniversary Edition – “The classic that kicked off the current golden age of animation looks better than ever in a special release. Buy It.”

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