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The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd runs down the list of “what’s playing”

What’s new in theaters? What’s new on digital/demand or disc? The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd runs down the list:

New in Theaters:

Fatale — Hilary Swank and Michael Ealy are poorly used in this dim-bulb psychological thriller about a good man and the bad cop who done him wrong. Read more

Monster Hunter — Action star Milla Jovivich is back, this time in a non-zombie flick but still heavy on CGI, playing an interplanetary soldier fighting big beasties on a new planet.

New On Digital/Demand:

Greenland — Gerard Butler is a dad trying to save his family as a deadly comet hurls at the Earth in this apocalyptic thriller. 

Skylines — Aliens have been living on Earth at peace with humans for years, but now they’re turning on them. Fortunately, soldier Lindsey Morgan is there to take the fight to them.

Hunter Hunter — A family of fur trappers is trying to eke out an existence in the remote wilderness when a rogue wolf begins hunting them.

New on Disc:

The Curse of Hobbes House — When her aunt dies, a young woman expects to inherit her wealth and estate — but instead must battle killer zombies!

You Might Have Missed:

The Stand (1994 miniseries) — As a new miniseries of the Stephen King novel comes out, it’s time to look back on the ill-fated one from a quarter-centry ago.

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