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The Gadget Guy shows us what’s new from the Consumer Electronics Show

The Gadget Guy, David Novak, joined us Tuesday on “Life.Style.Live!” with a look at the latest products from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

1. Fiido T1 Pro – Powerful Utility Cargo Electric Bike for Everyday City Riding  


Commuters can go green and reduce carbon footprints with the Fiido T1 Pro. This high-end utility cargo electric bike features ultra-wide rims equipped with a set of large and ultra-durable 20-inch by 4-inch all-terrain tires that make it capable of riding on just about any terrain. It also comes equipped with a front-suspension fork that improves a rider’s control and comfort over rough terrain, a bright front headlight for signaling its presence, and a built-in LED display. Lastly, it packs a powerful 750W motor that can reach speeds of 28 mph, along with a 48V battery that can go 93 miles without another charge. 

2. EMEET Meeting Capsule – 360° Video Conference Camera w/ 8 Mics & Hi-Fi Speaker  


For online meeting junkies, meet the EMEET Meeting Capsule. This 3-in-1 video-conferencing device is equipped with a 360° panoramic 1080P HD camera that boasts an AI-powered Autofocus function, a set of 8 omni-directional beamforming microphones with noise cancellation, and a 10W Hi-Fi speaker. It features 5 different video modes, built-in controls, USB-Connectivity for a simple plug-and-play setup, and compatibility with all operating systems and VOIP platforms. The whole system can be customized via the EMEETLINK Software.  

3. Singtrix Party Bundle Stadium Edition –Autotune Home Karaoke Machine Set  


Closet singers, REJOICE!  The Singtrix Party Bundle Stadium Edition will turn you into a talented star. This autotune home karaoke machine set comes equipped with everything you need to make your singing voice sound amazing, and you can use it straight out of its box thanks to its simple plug-and-play setup. It features a high-end studio panel that sports a ton of studio-quality functionalities that can be enabled at the touch of a button, including 375 vocal effects, skill levels, natural pitch-correction, hard-tune (Advanced Vocal Tuning), 4-part harmonies, reverb, delay, extreme effects, and more. It also includes the Singtrix Karaoke Machine Stereo PA Speaker, which packs 40 Watts of Output Power, plus a Singtrix Custom Microphone (can be wired or wireless) that’s equipped with a built-in HIT button for easily enabling vocal effects on-demand. Record MP3s, sing along side your favorite YouTube video, or stream music. For a little extra, you can also add a second wired or wireless microphone.  

4. Doubletake Tennis and Pickleball Totes 
Starts at $124  

For avid tennis and pickleball players, you can carry your equipment in style with the Doubletake’s Sports Bags, which features durable, Eco-friendly, fade-resistant, and waterproof construction. The Doubletake Melbourne, for example, is a medium-sized tennis backpack that can be seamlessly converted to a tote bag, featuring enough storage space for carrying all your tennis or pickleball gear. It can stash 2 racquets, 2 ball cans, clothing and a towel inside its main compartment, all your personal essentials in its many interior pockets, and your car / house keys on its built-in keychain. For those looking for something more portable, there’s the Doubletake Naples, a small and lightweight pickleball tote bag that can carry 2 pickleball paddles, your pickleball clothing, a small towel, one or two water bottles, and a few pickleball balls, while also integrating a built-in keychain for your house and car keys.  

5. ZOOP Pet Products – Non-Toxic All-Natural Pet Grooming Products  

Starts at $10  

To keep your pet’s coat, fur, and skin looking clean, healthy, and smelling marvelous, nothing beats Zoop’s non-toxic pet grooming products, which are specifically formulated using only natural ingredients and nano technology. Their extra-strength Zoop Pro Stain + OdorEliminating Spray is formulated with natural odor-eliminating enzymes that allow it to not only deodorize or mask smelly scents, but also ultimately destroy those bad odors, including urine, pet poop, vomit, diarrhea, and more, leaving their pets clean and fresh, while doing the same to the carpet. The Zoop Health + OdorGrooming Wipes and Towels are pet grooming wet wipes and wet towels infused with nanosilver ions, which help to eliminate the harmful bacteria on your pets’ sebum layer (a layer of fatty acids and oils that protects their skin and hair) and help them stay clean. This is important because this layer is where bacteria live, and is the main cause of bad body odor, skin problems, and bad hygiene. Or try the whole line including all of these: Zoop 6-in-1 Complete Grooming Natural Pet Shampoo and Conditioner, Zoop 5-in-1 Natural Complete Between Bath Freshening Spray, Zoop Natural Dog Itch Relief & Hot Spot Spray, Zoop Pet Odor Eliminating Scented Non-Toxic Pet Candle, and Zoop Pet Odor Eliminating Non-Toxic Scented Reed Diffuser.