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The Gallery Pastry Shop chef presents a taste of the Fantastic Food Fest

Eat, learn and indulge! It’s almost time for the Fantastic Food Fest on Jan. 21 and 22. Today on Indy Style, we learn all about the big event and taste a few samplings, too, from Chef Ben Hardy of The Gallery Pastry Shop, and Leslie Swathwood of Fantastic Food Fest!

• Fantastic Food Fest: Saturday/Sunday, Jan. 21/22 (10-7 Sat., 11-6 Sun.)

Champions Pavilion, Indiana State Fairgrounds

• Largest food-and-beverage event in Indiana (debuted January 2016)

• Food, cookware and gadgets, food artisans, craft breweries, wineries, restaurants and purveyors

• Indiana Grown is presenting sponsor (Represents Indiana growers & producers)

In just two years, the initiative has grown to represent more than 600 members. Numerous members say they found benefit in networking with retailers and others at the 2016 Fantastic Food Fest.

• Demonstrations by Chef Ben Hardy, Loreal Gavin “The Butcher Babe” and many others

• Chef Alex Guarnashcelli (judge on The Food Network’s show “Chopped”)

• Cooking classes, including for kids (very popular)

• Margarita Bar (Saturday) and Bloody Mary Bar (Sunday) – new this year

Adults can craft and enjoy their own custom beverage

• Food samplings, tastings

• Brewers, distillers & vintners among the exhibitors – Indiana’s growing beverage industry

• Success of Fantastic Food Fest reflects Indy’s burgeoning food/beverage scene-nationally recognized.

Also popular: Devour Indy, Jan. 23-Feb. 5

• Sunday, Jan. 22 is National Hot Sauce Day

Check out Indiana-based makers of original sauces & condiments at Fantastic Food Fest

• Super Bowl is Sunday, Feb. 5. Get ideas for viewing parties & entertaining

• Tickets: Save by buying online: $15 one-day/$25 both days

• VIP tickets: $55 online. Two-day admission; VIP lounge w/live music & cocktail bar; preferred seating at presentations & demos; Fantastic Food Fest T-shirt, complimentary coat & package check, more.Crepes and Bananas Foster:Crepes:

4 oz AP flour

1/2 oz sugar

pinch salt

3 oz eggs

8 oz milk

1/2 oz vegetable oilDirections:

Mix all dry ingredients, combine all liquids in separate bowl. Add half the liquid to dry ingredients, mix until smooth. Add second half of liquid, mix, and strain. Allow to sit 2-3 hours in refrigerator before use.Bananas Foster:

1 oz butter

2 oz brown sugar

pinch salt

1 oz rum

1 banana sliced or cubed


Caramelize sugar and melted butter. Add bananas to caramel. Add rum last and ignite until booze is burned off.Pate a choux (eclair)

9 oz milk

4.5 oz butter

1/2 tsp salt

6 oz bread flour

10 oz egg

Directions: Heat milk, butter and salt to a boil in a pot. As soon as it boils, add all flour. Stir mixture over medium heat until a film develops on the bottom of the pan (usually 30-45 seconds). Take mixture out of the pot and pour into a mixing bowl. Mix with paddle attachment on low setting for about 1 minute until steam dissipates. With the mixer still running, slowly add eggs. Pipe the batter on to parchment paper. Bake at 400-425F for 10 minutes, rotating after 5 minutes. Reduce oven to 350F and bake another 10-15 minutes or until you can pull the eclair apart and the center is hollow. (Total baking 20-25 minutes)Pastry Cream:

16 oz milk

2 oz sugar

2 oz yolk

2 oz whole egg

1 1/4 oz corn starch

2 oz sugar

1 oz butter

1 vanilla bean

Directions: Scald milk with first portion of sugar. Mix second portion of sugar, cornstarch and eggs together in a separate bowl. Slowly pour scaled milk and sugar into your egg mixture while stirring. Once, half of the milk sugar mixture is poured into the egg mixture, then add the entire egg mixture back into the pot (milk and sugar pot). Over medium heat stir rapidly until mixture boils for 30 seconds. Pour into clean bowl, add butter and vanilla. Cool pastry cream over ice bathChocolate Glaze:

4 oz dark chocolate

2 oz butter

1/2 oz cornsyrupDirections:

Combine all ingredients and microwave in 20 second segments until uniform.

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Twitter: #fanfoodfest17

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