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‘The Green Witch’s Guide To Magical Plants And Flowers’

Join us for a conversation with Chris Young and Susan Ottaviano, the creative minds behind “The Green Witch’s Guide to Magical Plants & Flowers.” In this recorded Zoom interview, Chris and Susan, also known as the beloved “2 Green Witches,” share their expertise and passion for the enchanting world of plants and flowers.

Chris Young, a native of Indianapolis, reflects on his upbringing and how his deep connection with nature shaped his life and career. With fond memories of his grandpa’s backyard, Chris discovered his love for plants and their magical properties at an early age. During the interview, Chris holds up geranium and basil, unveiling their mystical uses and significance within green witchcraft.

The conversation then shifts to the genesis of their book. Chris and Susan discuss how the idea for The Green Witch’s Guide came together, offering an exploration of everyday flowers, fruits, and plants and transforming them into potent tools for health, love, prosperity, and harmony. With Susan’s intricate illustrations and recipes complementing Chris’s expertise, this book is a treasure trove of all-natural recipes that empower readers to harness the magic of their gardens.

To learn more about Chris, Susan, and their magical journey, follow them on Instagram @2greenwitches. “The Green Witch’s Guide to Magical Plants & Flowers” is available for purchase, and it promises to open new pathways to a world of natural well-being and enchantment.