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The latest movie reviews and behind the scenes info from The Film Yap

Get the latest movie reviews and behind the scenes info from The Film Yap.

The Feature Films in theaters this week include:

Jupiter Ascending

Big Science Fiction thing…It is terrible…goofy and makes no sense…wonder twin combination of awfulness.  So bad you don’t even want to criticize it and be mean to it, you just feel bad for everyone involved.”

Still Alice – starring Julianne Moore front runner to win the best actress Oscar

Tremendously well acted movie. Terrific performances.  Rewarding heavy experience.”

The SpongeBob Movie

Taking classic TV show and entering the human world…”

Seventh Son – Starring Jeff Bridges

Sword and sorcery adventure. I love this sort of movie.”


Little said about this movie as possible. Very mysterious about a very troubled relationship with a young guy that is creepy as all get out. You want to go in knowing as little as possible cause the mystery unfolding is the real appeal of it.”

And on videoThe Homesman – Stream It

I thought Hillary Swank was just amazing in this.”

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