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The Organized Mama founder shares ‘pro-tips’ for home organization from her book, ‘Home Sweet Organized Home’

Jessica Litman is a professional organizer and influencer who is better known as “The Organized Mama.” Her new book, “Home Sweet Organized Home” has just been released and offers tips to get every room in your house organized and uncluttered. Here are some of her favorite home organizational tips broken down by room.


Papers can pile up on kitchen countertops, so use a tray to keep everything tidy and collect all the papers 

Lazy Susans under sink can help keep cleaning supplies organized around those piles. Nothing gets lost in the back because you just can spin the turntable.

Use sink organizer to keep the soaps and sponges tidy.

Home Office: 

Work from home office tip- create zones for different parts of your office to keep you focused. If you are unsure if you use an item in your home office, set it aside. Set a reminder on your phone for a week. If you don’t use that item, you can toss it/donate it. If you use it, find a place for it to be stored.

Hybrid office tip- set up your desk like you have it in the office. This helps keep you semi consistent with how you work throughout your day.

Kid’s Stuff: 

Use a craft cart to keep kids’ art supplies organized. Store paper in magazine holders. Group like items together in baggies or containers.

Label everything! Picture labels work best for emerging readers.


Check shelf-life of your bathroom products. Not all products last forever. To keep it tidy, line up the items in your cabinets in rows with the product that will expire first in the front. If you purchase anything new, add that item to the back of the line.

Towels — you really only need 2 bath towels per person in the house with a few additional towels for guests. If you don’t have laundry nearby, then 3-4 towels is acceptable.


Unsure if you wear something? Turn the hanger around. It is a visual reminder to see what you wear and what you don’t.

Hang necklaces so they don’t get tangled.

Group clothing by how you wear it. Put all work attire together and lounge wear together.

Have a basket for in-between clothes. The things that aren’t totally clean but aren’t totally dirty. It helps keep them off the floor.

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