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The Organized Mama shares tips to get your kids organized for back-to-school

One of the most difficult things about back-to-school is keeping your kids organized and getting them out the door in the morning with everything they need for a successful day at school. Not an easy task when you have to keep yourself organized too!

Organizational expert, Jessica Litman, also known as The Organized Mama and author of “Home Sweet Organized Home” joined us Monday on “Life.Style.Live! with some easy tips to keep you and your kids on track. 

1. Create a Schedule

First, be sure the schedule is for both you AND your kids. They key is to work backwards from when you need to be out the door so you can make sure you have time for everything. 

  • Print up several copies and set the schedule near backpacks, in bathrooms, in the kitchen, anywhere you’ll be in the house as you start your day. 
  • Visuals are key. Have schedules with pictures to demonstrate what you need to do so you don’t always have to stop and read. You just need to glance at the picture, and you’ll know what needs to be done. 

2. Set up a dumping station

This is extremely helpful, especially If you are limited on space. Use laundry baskets (line up one for each kid) to collect everything that comes in the door. This allows things to be gathered in one place instead of spread out all over the house. Place shoes, backpack, homework assignments or anything the kids will need to bring to school with them the next day in the basket. One stop on the way out the door makes sure they have everything they need. 

3. Create a lunch packing station 

Use bins or shelves for all items you want to pack for lunch. Have all food items for a boxed lunch in one bin in the fridge and one bin on the kitchen counter. Then after dinner or after breakfast, gather everything from those bins to pack lunches. Much better than scouring through shelves or the fridge to find everything you need when you’re in a hurry. Also, helps from forgetting to include a lunch item. You don’t want to forget your kid’s favorite food or dessert and spoil their lunch. 

4. Create visual timers

This is a great way to keep yourself and kids on track to get out the door on time. You can buy large digital or electric timers. That you can place in bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, any place where your kids will be getting ready in the morning so they can always be aware of how much time they have before they need to be out the door and off to school. It becomes a game for them to stay on time instead of having to hear your repeat 20 times, “We gotta go NOW!” 

5. One charging station for all electronic devices

Absolutely. And keep it in a central location like the living or dining room. If you have all devices–phones, tablets, laptops, watches, anything that may need charging overnight—in one place, then you won’t be running around looking for things last minute, everything will be fully charged for the day and your kids won’t have any distraction from sleeping in their bedroom. Anything to keep them off social media after their bedtime is key for them getting a good night’s sleep. 

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