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The Toy Guy’s TOP toys for the holidays

Oh toys, oh toys! The Toy Guy’s Chris Byrne shares the TOP toys you’ll want to put on your Christmas shopping list!JOHN DEERE MONSTER TREADS DELUXE LIGHTNING WHEELS


Ages 3+


This new truck is sturdy and rides great. Press the yellow button up top for light and sounds. Sounds include the start of the engine, the idling engine, the exhaust of a hard-working tractor, and reverse warning “beeps.”  The headlights and cab illuminate, and the wheels light up in green, purple and red.DC SUPER HERO GIRLS ACTION DOLLS


Ages 6+


Unleash your power and explore your inner hero with these Super Hero action dolls. Each 12-inch action doll wears a fabulous outfit that blends iconic elements of the original DC Super Hero character with modern trends ready for action — because these girls save the day in style. Accessories are equally awesome, showcasing the character’s unique powers. Choose from Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Bumblebee, Starfire and Frost.NUM NOMS NAIL POLISH MAKER

MGA Entertainment

Ages 3+


Create your own scented custom manicure. Mix strawberry, blueberry or banana scented nail polish with glitter and nail polish base. Perfect for sharing with friends. Set includes three Nom nail polish bottles and one special edition Num, three scented nail polish colors, one nail polish base and glitter, press-on nails and nail stickers.PHARAOH’S PYRAMID


Ages 6+


Unlock ancient secrets and mysteries inside Pharaoh’s Pyramid. The five chambers within hide precious treasures protected by tricky puzzles and sneaky traps. Discover the room filled with jewels and golden riches or climb the stairs to enter the tomb chamber complete with mummy. Just watch out for the booby trap waiting to drop you below! Remove the pyramid walls to discover even more ways to play. You can sneak through the revolving door but be careful, there might some skeletons or spiders hiding in the shadows.  Set includes three figures, tomb, mummy, two skeletons, treasures, spiders, fire pots, hieroglyphics, and many other accessories.TUMBLESTIX


Ages 4+


Tumblstix is a weighted cylinder that you can send rolling end over end? Doesn’t sound like much, right? Well, wait till you start fiddling with it. We know there’s physics and design involved, but the action is engaging, and the light up feature is kind of cool. It’s just something fun to fiddle with. Like the super hot fidget spinners, the play is simple, mesmerizing and a great stress reliever.SPY CODE: BREAK FREE


Ages 6+


Break Free is a new, suspense game from Yulu, part of a whole new line of games called Spy Code. These games mimic all kinds of high stress, action challenges similar to those you’d see in an action movie, and they’re sure to get your heart racing–even if the high stakes are only imaginary.STAR WARS DROID INVENTOR KIT

LittleBits Inc.

Ages 8+


This kit comes with everything you need to start creating your own Star Wars droid from the ground up. From the moment you take the kit out off the box and download the free Droid Inventor companion app (available for iOS and Android devices), kids are immediately learning the fundamentals of circuitry building as they piece together the brain of your droid. Kids start with the basics, learning, as with any LittleBits kit, the tools of the trade, from how to connect the battery, power on your circuit and the function of each bit. There are many missions and new powers to tackle once your Droid is built. Then you can rebuild and reconfigure your droid to test new powers. The opportunities for play are endless.

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