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“The Wedding Singer” comes to a live stage

Summer Stock Stage: The Wedding Singer

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)- An all-time classic rom-com is coming to a live stage.

The 1998 hit movie “The Wedding Singer” has been adapted to a musical.

The show is being put on by Eclipse at the Livia & Steve Russell Theatre at Phoenix Theatre.

Eclipse was founded 2017 as the professional component of Summer Stock Stage(SSS).

SSS Eclipse produces contemporary musicals in downtown locations featuring SSS alumni and others. 

Not only does Eclipse provide paid opportunities for emerging artists, it allows central Indiana audiences to continue to see the amazing talent that has been developing for many years. 

While the musical version follows the movie fairly close, it also has it’s own identity with several other songs added to help carry the musical.

Actors Leela Rothenberg and Alex Pharo stopped by the Life.Style.Live! studio to share their thoughts on the show.

They also performed an original song from the musical.

The show premiers Thursday, May 30.

If you’d like to buy tickets you can do so here.