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Tips to help people overcome social anxiety

As schools are starting to let students learn in-person, many teens are feeling social anxiety like they never have before. In fact, many teens are feeling it for the first time as depression and anxiety in youth have doubled since pre-pandemic. Their social anxiety is so debilitating that they no longer know how to socially interact with their teachers and other students. Needless to say, many teens have very little social confidence anymore.   

Social anxiety is more than just being nervous about going to school. It’s a feeling of excessive anxiety about how to communicate with their peers at school after such a long absence.

Kyle Mitchell, teen social anxiety speaker & coach, joined us today to share his mission to help 1 million teens go from socially anxious to socially confident. He also provided tips and support for teens on how to adjust back to their school and turn their social anxiety into social confidence.

Mitchell is giving a TEDx talk on giving my talk on Saturday, March 12.

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