Top 5 questions homeowners ask about heating & cooling their house

Can your home’s air filter be too thick? What about getting the most out of your thermostat? Renee Lucas of LCS Heating & Cooling joined us today with answers to the most common questions they get about heating and cooling.

1. Why does filter size matter?

Sue from Carmel asks: “Dear Renee, I’ve always just gone down to my local hardware store and bought a cheap filter when it got dirty. Why should I invest in a thicker filter?”

2.What is the ideal temp difference from day to night?  

David from Fishers asks: “Dear Renee, at night I really like to get the temperature in the house nice and cool so we sleep more peacefully. But during the day, we don’t want it to be that cool in the house. How big of a temperature difference can we keep the thermostat at?”

3. How do I better insulate my home?

Cheryl from Indy asks: “Dear Renee, my home just doesn’t ever feel like it gets warm enough in the winter or cool enough in the summer. What could I do to help that and keep my home cozy?

4. When is my system considered Old? 

Steven from Carmel asks: “Dear Renee, when I moved into this home over 10 years ago, the heating and cooling system was new. When should I start paying attention to the age of my system? I want to just prepare my budget for when I need to replace!”

5. If my family is suffering from breathing issues, could that be related to my hVAC system?

Dana from Indy asks: “Dear Renee, my 5 year old son Dawson really struggles with stuffy nose and watery eyes from allergies. Could my heating and air system being causing these issues or at the very least, irritating them? What could I do about that?”

Answer that didn’t make it on-air:

Yes! A nice filtration system will help to keep dust at a minimum.  In addition, air travels through our ductwork so it’s important that the ductwork is sealed and clean.  There are also products to improve the air quality in your home such as air purifiers, UV lights, whole house humidifiers and whole home dehumidifiers.  

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