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Top playgrounds in Indy for children with special needs

Kids, in general, are runners. Always on the move, going from one slide to the next. But when you have a child with special needs, the need to keep them safe and protected is even greater. Jeanine Bobenmoyer, Digital Editor of Indy’s Child Magazine, shares more about an article that appears in Indy’s Special Child, “Best playgrounds in Indianapolis for kids with autism who are runners.”

* Due to the overwhelming popularity of our Indy’s Special Child channel on, we have launched a limited edition magazine, Indy’s Special Child. This is in partnership with Damar Services, and will become an annual publication for Indy’s Child.

* Indy’s Special Child acts as a resource for parents of children with special needs with a highlighted focus on autism.

* It’s common for kids of any age and ability to perhaps go out of sight on a playground, but especially nerve-wracking for parents who children have autism with a tendency to dart off when they feel overwhelmed, upset or uninterested.

* This may lead to a parent’s worry to find playgrounds around Indianapolis safe and partially or fully fenced.

* Fully fenced in options: Colts Playground at the Children’s Bureau Rachel Glick Courage Center, Shawn Grove Park {Alabama and 14th Streets}

* Fenced with limited opening options: Herron Morton Place Historic Park {19th/Alabama}, Holliday Park

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