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Totally nuts for BNutty Peanut Butter!

Get ready to indulge in the flavorful world of BNutty Peanut Butter, a brand that started with two soccer moms on a mission to fundraise for their local youth sports.

Joy Thompkins and Carol Podolak, the founders of BNutty, created a line of high-protein, super-snackable peanut butter flavors as a healthier alternative to candy bars and cookies.

Made from crunchy honey-roasted peanuts, these gourmet jars of peanut butter are packed with indulgent ingredients like toffee, milk chocolate, pretzels, and whole blueberries.

What sets BNutty apart is its commitment to quality and health consciousness, with no artificial colors or flavors, gluten-free options, and kosher certification.

They’re even expanding further, with plans to enter the Korean market, and already have a presence in the Philippines.

Keep an eye out for BNutty on Kroger shelves nationwide soon. Enjoy a 25% discount on your order with the code “LifeStyleLive” at

Get ready to savor the deliciousness of BNutty Peanut Butter and support these amazing entrepreneurs who turned a fundraising idea into a global sensation!