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Trouble Making Ends Meet? You don’t have to get a second job

Still tightening the belt? Considering a second job? Third job? Fuggetaboutit. Start your own business this weekend and be making money Monday. Your business could make the difference between sinking or swimming in today’s economy. It could be a part-time, home-based venture. And more money means more options, more freedom, and more FUN!

Bestselling business author Ellen Rohr has 5 Sure Fire Tips for Making Your OWN Money.

You need some time to think about what you want to create, why you want to do it…and how it is going to make money. THE characteristic successful business owners have? Clarity. They know what they want. It makes it easier to make decisions! So, you could spend a few weeks, a weekend…but who has the time? Consider…an hour! (While the kids are napping or at school or before they wake up!)

What will the business look like and how can you communicate it to the person you need a go-ahead from. Start with what you love and what you are good at: Hobbies, problem solving? Draw, find print images, spend some time on Pinterest. You can COPY a business model that is working! Consider a home party model? A website with shopping cart?

Address the money, honey. This is how you budget: Add up what it will cost. Then, your Sales goal has to be bigger than that. What would you need to sell…per day…to make it work? Get creative! You could have 2 or three streams of income. One of them could be your current job.

Going Big! Charming Charlie, a fashion accessories retailer with over 280 locations across the country, was founded in 2004 in Houston.

Staying Small! Howard Partridge of Clean as a Whistle Carpet Cleaning, located in Sugarland, started his company with his wedding money and worked out of the trunk of his car.

Think it, ink it, test it, and change it! Everyone knows you should have a business plan. Everyone knows you should eat more vegetables. Ellen takes ordinarily boring-as-broccoli business concepts and makes them fun, easy and powerful. The simpler you make your business, the faster it can make money!

Ellen Rohr learned how to make – and keep track of – her OWN money! She fixed the failing family plumbing business. And she grew a franchise – Benjamin Franklin The Punctual Plumber – from zero to $40 million in franchisee sales, 47 locations, in under 2 years. She is a serial entrepreneur, now the president of Zoom Drain and Sewer, and author of the bestselling books The Weekend Biz Plan and Where Did The Money Go? She is a seasoned TV vet with 45+ local and national segments.