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Trucking is Glamorous shares meals you make on the road

Some say trucking is hard. It’s tiring. But did you know? It can also be glamorous! Today on Indy Style, we meet Todd and Tamera Sturgis, the husband-wife duo from “Trucking is Glamorous,” and learn their creative ways of cooking and staying healthy while on the road.

A. Eating health keeps us healthy

B. Cooking gives us a creative outlet.

C. To cook with our schedule you have to plan head

D. You have to sometimes us the same ingredients with subtle differences to get a whole different taste.(example 3 different meals with one pork roast

E. In some ways we live just like everyone else.

A. Pulled Pork Nachos

1. Pulled pork roast (8 hours in crockpot on medium)

2. Fill crockpot half way up with water, cover pot roast with all in

one spice SPIKE, place roast in crockpot.

(all in one because we can’t have every spice)

3. 8 Mini Bell Peppers

4. BBQ sauce.B. Tacos

1. Same pulled pork

2. Corn tortillas

3. 1 onion of your choice

4. Slices of mini bell peppers(used from the previous recipe)

5. Green Salsa Verde

C. Mini Pulled Pork Sliders

1. Pulled Pork

2. BBQ sauce

3. Slider buns

4. 1 onion(your choice)People have always viewed trucking as a low tech industry. Not anymore!

1. We use our smart phone to locate available parking spots through an app called Trucker Path

2. We use social media to stay in contact with our families.

3. We can change the horse power of our truck up and down when we want with our smart phone(new this year.)

4. Our cruise control knows what lies ahead of us(hill or down hill) it will put us in cost mode when going down hill, automatically turn Jake brake on is we increase 5 miles and hour over what it is set. It will comeback on if there is a hill coming up in front of us.

5. YELP has changed our life! When we do eat out we get to eat at the best place in every town we eat out at.

6. People only see the outside of the truck, they only here about truck drivers when they are in an accident. Through social media we get a chance to bring the public inside the truck and see what our life is like; both the simple living and the many wonderful places we get to experience.

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