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Unique Home Solutions From A To Zombie

Indy Style host Tracy Forner helps you assemble your Zombie Survival kit. It’s today’s Unique Home Solution in honor of tonight’s premiere of the CW’s “iZOMBIE” at 9pm on WISH-TV.

Common tools that can be useful in any Zombie attack include:

  • A Pick Axe – draw back…it’s one-and-done
  • Pitch Fork – more practical for a head shot…aim under the chin
  • Edger – gives you more distance and control
  • Chain Saw – often used for a quick easy pass but limited due to fuel and reliability
  • For all options remember to keep it simple and keep your tools clean and handy

Whether you are fighting Zombies or weeds in your garden, Tracy has a great way to maintain your tools this summer.

Put a bag sand in a 5 gallon bucket, add 1 quart of motor oil and every time you use your garden tools, stick the blade into the sand.  The sand helps clean the tools and the oil keeps them from rusting.

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